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Strategic consultant specializing in institutional advisory services

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Political intelligence

Networking, regulatory oversight, Key Risk Indicators (RKI).

Regulatory strategy

Social legitimacy, consensus-building, drawing up measures.

Economic analysis

Economic impact and assessment of public policy.

Public communication

Content design, speech preparation, annual reports, position documents, CSR, events, reputation.

Why an external consultant?

To optimize results and make business sustainable with the appropriate economic, social and institutional strategy.

The benchmarks for success have changed over the last few years. In-depth knowledge of the political and economic context and optimal relations with stakeholders are key factors behind business results.


Growth and business development

I help my clients achieve their business goals putting at their service my knowledge of how the economy and public administrations work.

The Key

Influence and social legitimacy

Globalisation harmonises the channels of social influence. The presentation of arguments, the social impact, the partnership strategy and the building of consensus from opposing points of view increase the level of excellence and the importance of social legitimacy.


Fostering results

Miguel Marín is an expert in enhancing his clients’ results through the optimization of their relationship with the stakeholders and adapting the strategy to the changing requirements of the economic, political and regulatory environment.

Operating divisions adapted to each type of client

Our four divisions allow us to combine technical rigour and expertise in the socioeconomic and political context, how public administrations work and the companies’ growth strategies and decision-making mechanisms.

Public Affairs
Corporate Services
Sales & Growth
Founding partner

AEI Consulting

Miguel Marín founded AEI in 2009. AEI is a consultancy company specializing in strategic and institutional advisory services for private companies.

Do you want to know something else?

I will be happy to answer any questions related to my professional activity